As you might have seen, I’ve finally updated my website,  This is where I will be adding blog posts on various topics, but there is also something new: an education section allowing students of ST9 – the enterprise risk management (ERM) paper of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries – to practice key ERM concepts.  The new section contains questions on each of the sections set out in the core reading.  There are sorting questions, as well as single and multiple choice – and all are free.

The questions can be found by clicking on the “education” menu item. This brings you to the page shown here.  It lists each of the core reading sections on the left, with the body of the page containing the same items together with brief descriptions of each section.  Each of these quizzes contains – for now – five questions of varying types.  These can be accessed by clicking on “start now”  below any of the boxes.  For example, clicking below box “03” would take you to the quiz on “The ERM Process”.

As well as more traditional multiple choice questions, there are a range of sorting and matching exercises.  For this one, the aim is to match the definitions with the appropriate terms, which is done by dragging and dropping items from the top list into the bottom list.

At the bottom of each question is a “check” button, so you can see how you are doing on a question-by-question basis – as shown here.  Then, clicking “Next” takes you to another question.

At the end of the questions, you can see how many marks you have scored, as well as where you have gone wrong.

Before this, however, you need to create a profile.  This allows you to log in and use the quizzes.  It also means that you can post comments on blogs, and I plan to add more features in the future.

To create a profile, simply try and start a quiz.  This brings a prompt to log in or register.  The profile can be nothing more than a name and an email address (with a password), but you can also add a profile picture, or even a brief bio.

I hope ERM students (and others!) find this useful.  Please do let me know what you think, and whether you would like me to add more questions.  And please let other ERM students know about this site as well!